Nursery Mobile

9:58 PM

Now that this surprise has made it to its recipient, I'm excited to share a mobile I made for our niece's nursery. Michael's sister is expecting a baby, and we are just so excited!! This is our first time being an Aunt and Uncle and we can't wait to spoil our little niece. Unfortunately, Michael's sister and her husband live across the U.S. from us. I wanted our baby niece to have a little craftiness from her Auntie Allie in her life, so I made this mobile to go in her nursery without telling anyone, and sent it on its way. Before I did, I managed to snap a few pictures. They're not perfect since the mobile is so big and it's hard to hold it and get the camera far away at the same time! Oh well :)

It's hard to tell, but half of the ribbon is sheer and shimmery. It looks much more lovely in person.

While time consuming, the mobile was surprisingly easy to make. I followed instructions from this blog, and used some papers I had lying around that happened to match Baby Niece's nursery. 

And while we're on the subject of our niece, I couldn't resist these adorable clothes because I want her to have some of her Auntie's style in her life since we can't be there in person!


The first outfit says "Cute Like My Auntie" and the second says "Paris: It's so fun to fly around the gardens in the city of Paris with my friends". I don't care so much for the saying as I do that is's PARIS and THERE ARE RUFFLES ON THE BUM!!

We love you already, Baby Niece, and we can't wait to meet you!

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  1. the mobile....I want one.

  2. Thanks Auntie Allie! Cassidy is a lucky lady to have such a sweet and talented aunt! The colors match the nursery perfectly

  3. This is gorgeous, Allie!! What a sweet gift!



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