Behind the Scenes

7:30 AM

This past year has been full of accomplishments and achieving my scrapbooking dreams! I feel so honored to be on design teams and do what I love. A huge part of that is due to my husband, Michael, and his support and help. Top notch photos are mandatory for design teams, and while we don't have the kinks completely worked out yet, we've come a long way in the past six months or so.

For the record, I know nothing about photography or Photoshop. I can use a point and shoot Picasa like nobody's business, but hand me an SLR and Adobe and I'm lost. Michael happens to have both an SLR and Photoshop. Aside from a class in college, Michael doesn't know much about photos either. Together we've done a lot of research and trial and error to get our photos to where they are now. We're always working to improve them. So why do I keep saying "WE"? Well, Michael is the tech guy behind my scrapbooking dreams. After working crazy hours at work, he comes home and takes and edits my photos. He has worked with me in setting up light boxes, tripods, and photo stations. He has learned to better operate his SLR and Photoshop so that I can have better quality photos. I feel so blessed to have a husband that not only supports and encourages my dreams, but makes them possible. I wanted to take a moment to recognize him and all the hard work he does! I know it's not fun for him to do more computer work after working all day with computers, yet he does it with a smile on his face (most of the time). He is truly the best!!

Here are a few pictures from behind the scenes in the Stewart Scrapbooking Studio (Hey Michael, do you mind if I call our garage that? I've pretty much taken over your computer area anyways. We might as well call the whole garage what it is!):

Pardon the cell phone photo quality!

Teddy "helping" Michael take photos


Tired and happy to be done with another batch of photos!

Thank you Michael, for all you do! You are my biggest supporter and I appreciate all your help and encouragement. I am so thankful for you and I love you forever&always!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, love to see how much you are in love, so cute !

  2. He is adorable Allie as are you! You two make a great team!! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us, you are an inspiration!

  3. Did Teddy pull out the vacuum before he would pose with Michael in that first picture? Wink Wink ;-) <3

    Stewart Scrapbooking Studios sounds perfect too!!

  4. How awesome is he!! And I love that you wrote this post to recognize how supportive your hubby is of your scrapbooking, Allie!!



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