Loving Lemon Lush

12:15 PM

All too often I get super excited for a line, make a few projects with it, and then get tired of it and move on. Because of this, I've learned not to buy entire collections (the exception being the Maggie Holmes collections, because they are my number one favorites) because I know that I just won't use them. Against my better judgement, I decided to get ALL of Studio Calico's Lemon Lush (minus a few embellishments). I had some birthday money to use! I just couldn't help myself--I love the bright colors, the fun patterns, and the gorgeous watercolors. I think it's a unique and versatile line! I especially love all of the orchid and purple throughout the line. I can't stop creating with this collection and I don't think I will be sick of it any time soon! How gorgeous are these patterns and colors?!?!

Here are a few of the layouts I've made using this collection:



Birthday Month

My Darling

You'll be seeing a few more projects using this collection in the coming weeks. Are you loving it as much as I am?

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  1. Love these Allie, and I agree that this is a fab collection!

  2. These are great pages (as per usual) and I really like this collection too!



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