My DIY Wedding on a Budget (Part II)

9:46 PM

Hello there! Today I'm going to share with you some of the projects I made for our wedding (you can read Part I here). Unfortunately I don't have great close-ups of all the projects, but at least you can get a general idea! Included in the description of each project is a verdict on whether or not I would make it again if I could do it all over.

I designed, printed, and assembled 200 programs. With the August date, I knew it could potentially be terribly warm. I loved the idea of doing a fan and program in one! Unfortunately, I no longer have the file of the program, but it was super cute! Making the programs involved gluing two sides to a popsicle stick, and tying a bow around the handle. It took forever!!! Sadly, not many people knew they were there and I came home with over 150 of them!! I would still probably do it again because I loved the way they looked. Vertict: MOST LIKELY (I probably would delegate it to someone else though, it was a little much!)

The "guest book" involved cards and envelopes to be filled out and placed in a bowl. I was so sick with nerves the morning of and couldn't make it to the site to set up. As a result, the guest book didn't get properly labeled, so I still have quite a few left over cards. I had intended to place them all in an album, but instead they're still sitting in a bag in my house! I would still do it again because it was an easy, yet somewhat unique way of doing the guestbook. Verdict: YES

I found a free printable for cupcake flags on the internet. It was pretty easy to cut them out and glue them to toothpicks. I thought it made our grocery store cupcakes extra cute. Plus it was free! Verdict: YES

I searched for HOURS trying to find a cute and cheap way to decorate the chairs/aisles. I settled for these cute tissue paper pom-poms! They took a only a few minutes each, and were super cheap! Verdict: HECK YES

My mom made the cute burlap vases with lace and mason jars. I can't speak to the cost of how long it took, but I think they turned out great! I printed out the "thank you" to our guests in Microsoft Word (idea taken from Pinterest) and put them in a cheap ikea frame. I think they looked super cute! Verdict: YES

You can hardly see it in these pictures, but I cut out 150 of these favor boxes from my Silhouette Cameo (these were actually a huge reason why Michael agreed to letting me get one) , and assembled/glued them. While they were super cute, it was the biggest waste of time ever!! It took hours upon hours upon hours, and most of them didn't get taken. I think my time and resources would have been better spent elsewhere, and I could have easily gotten cute favor boxes from Michaels.  Verdict: HECK NO

I couldn't find any cake toppers that I liked anywhere! They were all too cheesy or traditional for my tastes. I came up with this idea on my own! I painted wood letters and covered them in glitter, then glued them onto a paper rosette, then onto a dowel. I made some extra rosettes to go on the front of the cake. I thought it made the cake extra cute! I thought it was a genius idea and tried to sell custom made cake toppers on Etsy, but it didn't take off. Oh well! :) Verdict: ABSOLUTELY 

Another look at the wedding party table! My mom did the burlap runners, chalkboards, and flowers.

I made between 40-60 of these paper rosettes (it's been so long that I can't remember), which was another justification for getting my Silhouette Cameo. They were supposed to be the backdrop at the altar for our ceremony. We were going to attach them to this backdrop and completely cover it with the rosettes:

Sadly, the wind did not allow us to attach them to the backdrop, and they went unused. I still have a huge box of them in my attic. I think it would have been extra fabulous if had gone according to plan! Verdict: MOST LIKELY

There were so many more projects done for the wedding. Like I said in my earlier post, my mom did a majority of the decorating, and she did a FANTASTIC job! But I wanted to share some of the ones I did. I hoped it helped you and/or you found it somewhat interesting! :)

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