New Chickaniddy Collections!

7:25 PM

I'm so excited about the new Chickaniddy collections coming soon! First up is Jolly Good:

There are so many cute colors and patterns in this new collection! I love that many of the patterns are versatile and not just winter/Christmas specific. Here are some of my favorite items:

Perfect for Oregon weather!

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And the second collection is Scrumptious!! 

I love the fall theme of this gorgeous collection and I'm just crazy about the color scheme!! Here are my favorites:

Such a cool pattern!

Love the denim!

I can't wait to use the ephemera! 

The labels are so cute and versatile!
The pretzel is adorable!

What do you think of these new collections? Be sure to stop by the Chickaniddy blog for a chance to win Jolly Good and Scrumptious! 

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