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By now I'm sure many of you have seen the Scrappy Blog Tour that's making it's way across the scrapping world. I am honored to have been tagged by Missy Whidden! I've had so much fun being on the Chickaniddy design team with her, and am excited to be starting another year on the team together. Missy is amazingly talented. She's got a very distinct and unique style that can be spotted from a mile away! I love it! It was so fun to see her answers to these questions :)

So here's how the hop works: Missy answered the following questions last week. I'm answering them today, and a week from now, the three people I tagged will answer them too (and so on). Let's get started!

1. What am I working on right now?

Aside from cleaning my super messy space, I started a quick layout today. I laid down the foundation and just need to embellish it!

2. How long does it take me to create a project?

On average, about an hour. If I'm just doing layering and embellishments, only about 30-45 minutes. If I'm doing something more complex, such as backing a die cut from my Cameo or handstitching, more like an hour or ninety minutes (though there have been a few that have taken me several hours). 

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?

Aside from the usual staples of chipboard, thickers, and anything Crate Paper, I am particularly loving flair, chipboard frames, and paper clips!

4. How does my creative process work?

A majority of the time I begin with patterned paper. My stash is dominated by pretty paper, and I can't get enough of all the fun patterns and colors! It constantly inspires me! Occasionally I will begin with a technique (such as hand stitching or backing a cut file) or idea (such as Pinterest inspiration), and rarely I will begin with the photos. Usually I start with my basic concept (paper, die cut, sitching, an inspiring image, quote, etc.), and just add layers and embellishments. I don't put a whole lot of thought into it.

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

This is a tough one for me to answer! I actually feel a lot of pressure to have innovative layouts, so it can sometimes be hard for me to feel creative. Other times I have millions of ideas! When I'm stuck for inspiration, I browse Pinterest and become inspired by quilt patterns, color combos, typography, and other graphics. I will also browse my cut files to see if there is one that jumps out to me as a starting point. 

6. What is my signature style?

Another tough question! I honestly don't feel like I've found my style yet. Sometimes I do artsy layouts and sometimes I use simple ones. My techniques and the levels of complexity are all over the map. To be quite honest, I think that the diversity of my pages is a strength--I like that they all look different! But it is my "signature" to have layouts about Michael and/or Teddy! :) 

Some of my "signature" techniques/layers

I had lots of fun answering these questions! I've tagged three very talented scrapbookers who inspire me on a regular basis: Sarah Moore, Anita Bownds, and Annelie Maddock. They'll be answering these questions next Monday, September 15th. I'd also like to encourage you to check out the Scrappy Blog Tour posts from Ashley Horton, Danielle de Konink, and Alex. I would have tagged them as well, but others had beat me to it.

Thanks again to the beautiful and talented Missy for tagging me!

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  1. congrats, allie! what a fun post!

  2. I always think you have great innovative ideas for your layouts, Allie!!

  3. Yay, Allie!! I love reading more about you and your scrappy style. I am so jealous of your paper clip and flair!

  4. Thanks for the tag you lovely, uber talented lady!



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