When Teddy went to the Beach

5:30 AM

Michael and I are fortunate enough to live only an hour and a half away from the Oregon Coast. We particularly love Cannon Beach, a small little town towards the tippy top of the Oregon/Washington border. Michael and I try and go there for a beach day at least once a year. Last Summer was our first time to the beach since we got Teddy, and the whole time we were there we couldn't help but wonder what he would think of the ocean. Teddy was born and raised in California, but we're not exactly sure where. Given his blindness, we just kind of assumed he had never been to the beach before. We decided that we would take him to the beach this Summer, just to see what he thought about it. 

 One Saturday morning in May (yes, that's just how late this blog post is), we packed up the car and headed to the beach after I came home from work around 9 am. We were so excited to see Teddy's reaction to sand and water, and headed straight for the beach. When Teddy hit the sand, he looked a little confused at first, but then he just kept walking like it was no big deal. That is very much Ted's personality--he's very easygoing and will do pretty much anything as long as we're there. We found a nice spot to sit down, then had a lovely family picnic. Teddy did a lot of sitting down and "staring" at the ocean. Okay, it wasn't REALLY staring, but it sure looks like it! We think he was taking in all the smells and sounds.

After our picnic, we walked towards the ocean. Teddy seemed a little confused by the wet sand, but he still kept trotting along with his little flappy ears bouncing up and down. When we made it to the water, he was NOT pleased. In his defense, it was pretty cold. Michael and I took turns wading in the water, and all walked along the beach with Teddy barely touching the water. We tried to go a little further out so that he could feel a wave, but he didn't care for that much either. He just stood there and looked perplexed! After a couple minutes, it became very clear that he wanted out. As we headed back to shore, Teddy tried to escape the water by attempting to jump up on me and into my arms. That was a big deal, since Teddy isn't a jumper!

 After he tried to jump in my arms, I immediately picked him up and carried him the half mile back to the car. He was freezing, and both Michael and I took off our sweaters and wrapped him all up! He didn't seem to mind too much because a.) he got carried, b.) he got extra extra extra loves and cuddles that day, and c.) he got the best sleep of his life that night! Even though he didn't care for it, we're still glad we took him. It's good for him to have new experiences and smell/hear new things! Plus we love to have him on our adventures, because we miss him when he's not with us! :)

So in conclusion, Teddy doesn't like the ocean. We tried again later in the Summer to see if warm water made a difference, so stay tuned for the outcome of Ted's second beach trip!

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