When Teddy Went to the Beach a Second Time

7:52 PM

We took Teddy to the beach for a second time in September (you can read about the first time here). He was not a fan of the beach at all the first time around, but we had so much fun going as a family that we thought we'd try again.

We headed out after I got off work one Saturday, and didn't arrive at the beach until around 2-3. We had lunch at a restaurant that had a dog-friendly patio. That's my kind of restaurant! 

Then we stopped at a store for dogs and got these cut little treats for Ted.

Next, we headed to the beach! The moment we stepped on the sand, Mr. Ted thought it would be a great time to use the restroom. We had forgotten plastic sacks for clean up, so Michael had to go hunt one down (we were parked pretty far away). I waited with Ted while Michael got a back. After waiting for about two minutes, Teddy plopped down in the gravely sand and proceeded to take a snooze. It doesn't look very comfortable!

He cracks me up! After the mess was cleaned up, we made our way to the ocean.


 Teddy was pretty darn pooped after awhile, so once again, he got carried back to the car. First he was carried like this (and yes, he leaned to the side in that weird position).

He slept so well that night! We had a great time at the beach :)

And of course, I made layouts with the Beach pictures...

There were a few more using the Clique Kits October kits too! And that, my friends, was Teddy's second trip to the beach.

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