2014 Highlights

3:00 AM

In 2014...

We were snowed in:

We said goodbye to my Mom's dog Maggie:

We paid off one of my Student Loans:

We became an Aunt and Uncle:

I went back to Starbucks (and loved it):

Michael turned 27:

Allie turned 25:

We fell in love with Harry Connick Jr., the dog my Mom rescued from the same shelter as Teddy:

We took a trip to Seattle:

My cousin graduated from highschool as valedictorian:

We grew our first garden...

...and got our first BBQ (thanks, Mom)!

We loved the new Doctor:

We took Teddy to the Beach a few times:

My best friend from high school got married:

We celebrated two years of marriage:

I learned how to can:

We had pictures taken with my family:

I had a blender accident:

Teddy turned 7:

We had a wonderful Christmas:

Here is to a wonderful and fun-filled 2015!

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