Snapshot Sunday

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I talk about scrapbooking a lot here on Magical Messes, but I want to share more of my everyday life. On Sundays (anywhere from every Sunday to occasional Sundays), I'm going to share a look into the pictures we've taken that capture our every day lives, pictures that might not always make the Instagram or scrapbooking layout cut. Here we go!!

I was feeling much too lazy to write a shopping list, so I just took a picture of the recipe. It's in the crock pot right now!
A custom banner someone ordered from me :)
We take lots of pictures of Teddy sleeping because his sleeping positions crack us up!
I passed my Coffee Master certification on Tuesday! Coffee Master is a program at Starbucks for those who are passionate about coffee and want to take learning to the next level. You have to be nominated to be a part of it (it costs the store money in training, so not everyone can do it), and then there is quite a bit of training and activities. After your training, you have to go through a certification test with your district manager. It was so exciting to finally be certified, plus I have a special black apron now!
My awesome coworker, Eddy, wrote me a congratulatory cup! 
The tasting I did as part of my certification. Presentation is everything! 
Michael often comes in to visit me during my "lunch" on Tuesdays before he goes to work (Tuesdays are the only day I am there long enough to have a lunch). He was looking extra good with his new haircut that I couldn't resist taking a picture!

I couldn't resist taking extra pictures of Teddy before his surgery.
We've spent the past several days taking care of Teddy. We took a few picture of him to remember what this was like, but I won't be posting them since they're pretty sad looking (his eye wound isn't covered). And that concludes Snapshot Sunday :)

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  1. We have that same Red blanket that Teddy is bundled up in!!

  2. Love these snapshots, Allie!! Congrats on becoming the Queen of Coffee! Woo Hoo!



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