Snapshot Sunday

12:32 PM

Happy Sunday! I have lots of fun pictures to share this week :)

Work time shenanigans with my manager:

We got a selfie stick and we LOVE it! Best investment ever!!

CRAZY amount of balloons at the Dollar Tree!

World's Largest Coffee Date at Starbucks!

Michael looks so handsome in a suit!!

Valentine's Day breakfast! My Mom started this tradition when I was a little girl. She decked everything out and we got to choose a special breakfast. We each got a present too! I have continued this tradition for Michael and we love it!

ValenTED's Day!

I hope your week was as fun as ours!

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  1. Fun photos Allie! Love the idea of the Valentine's breakfast!

  2. We have valentines breakfast too, I Iove your heart plate and now I need to find one!



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