Snapshot Sunday

8:17 PM

Here's a look into my life this past week!

Pictures from last week's Lines for Life Gala (a volunteer event I did with Starbucks) were up on their website! 

A cute little pup I saw at a red light.

I like the rainbow colors!

Michael was pretty excited about the samples we got while visiting me at work.

Lunch date with my pretty Mom :)

We threw an Oscar party for the two of us...

...and even Teddy participated (please note his dog tux)!

I spent some time with my lovely coworker and friend, Bailee...

...and we went a little crazy with the selfie stick.

Here's to another great week! 

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  1. A dog tuxedo, seriously how cute is that!!

  2. Love that you and Michael did an Oscar party! So fun!!

  3. Love your photos-- especially your peeps and your Oscar Party!



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