Barista Championships

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A few weeks ago, I had the honor of participating in the Barista Championships with Starbucks. Out of all the people in our district, I was chosen to represent us! It was a huge privilege and super exciting! At the Championships, I competed with the contestants from other districts in our area. I believe there were 9 of us total--9 districts represented!

When I arrived, I was greeted with my District Manager, Deb, wearing a sign in my honor:

The championship was held at a store in Lake Oswego that happened to be closed on weekends. The district managers went all out! They decorated the store for us, brought us lunch, and had a food spread for us to munch on all day. We all felt so special!

When we first got there, they introduced all of us, and each district manager said some nice things about their candidate. We all got aprons embroidered with our name and "District Champion".

The competition was divided into two parts. Part One was making a line up of espresso beverages: 3 Doppio Espressos, 3 Caramel Macchiatos, and 3 Flat Whites. You had to talk about each drink, make them in a specific routine, and have latte art for the flat whites. I went first for this portion, and was pretty nervous because my latte art isn't consistent. 2/3 of my flat whites looked fantastic, and one was just okay. I was so busy talking when I made the caramel macchiatos, that I put an extra shot in them. I pointed it out and laughed it off, but I'm sure I lost big points for that. Oops!

With Deb before the drink portion of the competition. She rinsed my pitchers for me!

With the judges
Deb made me a sign that had lots of bows on it because hair bows are my signature work accessory. I loved it!

After lunch, I did the "Lucky Pick Coffee Tasting" which was the second part of the competition. We were given a scenario and required to pick a coffee that would best suit that "customer" and then prepare it for them, lead a coffee tasting, and explain why we chose that coffee. I knew this would be my strongest area, and it was! I did a great job during this part, and I had a lot of fun!

After everyone was done competing, the judges tallied the scores and announced the winner. I didn't win the area, but it was still such an awesome experience. AND I got a coffee grinder trophy! 

My Swag
It was so exciting to be around people who care about coffee as much as I do. And it was really fun being celebrated in such a big day! Plus, it's not everyday that you get to mingle with your boss's boss, and your boss's boss's boss! I am really proud of myself for being brave and competing, and I am so glad I did!

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