Teddy Tuesday

6:49 PM

Happy Teddy Tuesday! Today I have a layout and a few cute pictures to share :)

To create this layout, I punched a trillion hearts out from paper scraps using the Heart Confetti punch. I used my Cameo to cut a giant paw print out from white cardstock. I traced it onto a scratch piece of paper, and coated it with modge podge. I layered the hearts, coated again, and so on. Tweezers were super handy for making sure all the spots were covered! I originally used ATG adhesive and placed each heart individually, but then I realized it would take me the rest of my life to finish this layout. Modge podge worked great, but it did make the paper buckle a bit! I decided to add the photo and title at an angle. I love the look of angled layouts, but I rarely make them!

I love all the happy colors on a page about the pup that makes us so happy!

Teddy has been super busy sleeping this week;


We had a little scare last night! Teddy got out of the house and was found on a very busy street by our home. He gave us such a scare! Not only was it dark, but we had just taken off his ID Tag off because Michael's phone number changed, and we hadn't put on the new one. Night time + blind dog + busy street + no ID tag = a miracle that he is home safe! I've been pretty much smothering him ever since! 

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  1. What an awesome layout Allie!! Love the fun technique you used! And I'm glad Teddy is okay!

  2. Adorable layout!! LOVE the paw print!! Teddy is precious!



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