Before & After: Living Room

8:44 PM

I am super pumped to share one of my first big home projects! With the help of a few family members, I was able to completely transform the living room!!

First up, painting the fireplace white! My mom was gracious enough to do that for me ;) Next, I placed that foam bumper on the fireplace to protect Teddy from boinking his head. Eventually I will paint it white, but it matches the walls for now! Speaking of the walls, the color is Revere Pewter. We painted the whole house that color and it's just lovely! 

Next came the problem of mounting the TV. Due to the L-shaped couch we already owned and love, the TV could only logically go over the fireplace. I hate the look of cords and wasn't too keen on cutting holes in the wall and threading the cords through the drywall. Plus, there were studs located in a place where it would make it even more inconvenient. After intense googling, I decided to put up some faux panneling. My Dad was gracious enough to help put that together. We used this blog post for inspiration, some MDF board, and a nail gun to get the project put together.

I love the look of built-in shelves, so I put up Ikea Billy Bookshelves with Oxberg doors. Michael's Dad bolted them too the wall for us, so they are nice and sturdy! With the shelf extensions, the shelves ended up being the perfect height for our room! I filled in the shelf holes with caulk and painted over them so it looked less like something from IKEA. I plan on putting molding on the top so they look even more like actual built ins!

The doors are great for hiding things like DVDS and games.

Here are a few more pictures of the living room:

Thank you for letting me share my first big home accomplishment! And special thank you to my Mom, Dad, and Michael's Dad for making my living room dream a reality.

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  1. Your living room looks perfect! What a clever idea to use the moulding to hide the cords of your tv. Your bookshelves really do look like built ins. Until you mentioned they were from Ikea, I hadn't even noticed they were free standing. Overall great job!



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