Moving In

9:59 PM

Nothing could have prepared me for the chaos that comes with buying and moving into your first home. There was delay after delay, and we got our keys a few weeks later than we anticipated. The moment we got the keys, we got to work! We had to get it all painted before we moved in. My days went like this: Wake up at 4:15 for work, work until 10 or 11, come to the new house and work until 8(ish) pm, go back to the rental and pack until about 11, sleep and repeat. I nearly died! There were several projects that needed to be done before we could unpack things into certain places ( we wanted to build faux built-ins for example), so things have been pretty chaotic. We've finally reached a point where I feel that I can breathe a little, though there is a long ways to go. Here is a small glimpse into our lives for the past month and a half:


I think the one thing that has kept us sane is the help our families have given us. We've been so blessed to have both sets of parents spend so much time helping us!! My extended family also came over for a day of painting. We feel so grateful and supported by those around us, and we love our home even more knowing how many people contributed to make it uniquely ours.

We look forward to sharing more with you!

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