Bear With Me

11:50 AM

Hello blogosphere! I have been noticeably absent from this space for the past year or so. I do my monthly required posts, and share little else. With health struggles, losing Teddy and my Grandma, a new job, and several design teams, I've lacked energy and felt a bit burned out. I've paired down my design teams and have been working on my health. I have SO MANY layouts to share, ones from Simple Stories, Scrapbook Circle, Fairy Tale kit club, The Cut Shoppe, guest designing for Cocoa Daisy, and just for fun pages. I hope to share those in the future (or at the very least upload them to a gallery somewhere). For now, the best place to see my layouts are on Instagram (@alisonleigh21). I post a good chunk there. Thank you for your patience with me :)

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