Six Ways to Use Enamel Dots

3:05 PM

I have a confession to make. I am still computerless, which means I am a lazy blogger. I use Michael's big clunky work laptop and I just plain don't like it. It is my hope that a new laptop and I will be together someday soon.

 Today I have a few ideas for using enamel dots! When I first saw these things, I didn't get the hype. They're just colored dots for Pete's sake! Plus, I'm still on the bling train. It's not as trendy anymore but I still really like it! Enamel dots don't even sparkle. I threw one in with an All Scrapbook Steals order just to see what the buzz was all about. Now I'm in love with these little guys!

 {In case you're wondering, enamel dots are tiny dots of colored plastic. Only a few brands are making them at this point, but they come in so many beautiful colors and sizes. Below is an example of their beauty}


So here we go! Feel free to click on a layout to make it bigger. I just didn't want to have giant pictures of my pages taking up the whole post!

1. Use them as an accent
(in threes of course, because everything looks better in threes)
Disney Magic

2. Use them as part of the pattern in your patterned paper
Sweet Girl

3. Use them as flower centers
Hello Funny Haircut

4. Mix them with pearls and/or brads
Lovely (mixed with copper pearls)

Poses in the Park (mixed with brads)

5. Use them to create a background
(Here I mixed a few dots with some wood veneers and mist splatters to create an interesting backdrop for my photo)
Today Was A Fairy Tale

6. Use them as bullet points
Silly Little Ted (used to accent the word stickers on the right)
Sweetheart (used to accent the phrases on the right)

I hope this post has give you a few ideas to use up your enamel dots stash. These same ideas are great for brads, pearls, and bling as well! Are you loving enamel dots like I am? If so, what are your favorites?

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  1. Great post! I've only had one packet of enamel dots, and used them mostly as accents. Would love to get some more but they're so expensive here! Love all your ideas though, thanks :)

  2. Awesome post! And gorgeous examples.



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