Monday, February 1, 2016

My Grandma

I have been extraordinarily blessed to have such a wonderful Grandmother. Some of my happiest memories include her, as well as some of my earliest ones. She has been there for me my entire life, and I had the privilege of growing up only a mile and a half away from her. I've spent many days and nights over at my Grandma's house. In high school and while home from college breaks, I would choose to spend time over at her house rather than with friends. 

My Grandma is definitely not your traditional grandmother. She swears like a sailor, and is the most stubborn and opinionated person I've ever known. She is also the kindest and most generous. She is the center of our family, and she loves it. She brings us all together, and, as a result, I've grown up being very close to my extended family. 

My grandma has cancer. She is only 72, and doesn't have a long time here with us. I've never experienced this kind of grief before, and it's a difficult thing to grasp. Since I process things through scrapbooking, I decided to put my emotions to paper. My grandma hates having her picture taken, so I have very few with her. The pictures I do have are some of my greatest treasures, and my favorites are included on this layout. 

From a broken hearted granddaughter to her hero, confidante, and friend: I love you


  1. sweet. What a fabulous post and layout!

  2. Count all these years (and now....every single day) as blessings from God. I lost my Gram when I was only 2 years old. I have only one memory of her, and that was of me bringing her purse over to her in her chair. You are so lucky to have all these wonderful memories of her. Hold fast to every precious memory, and thank God for allowing you to have them.