Why start a blog?

4:43 PM

Let's be honest, I love spending money. Unfortunately, my husband isn't as big of a fan, and neither is our bank account. Recently we became a one income family by choice. While that has given me an opportunity to go on a soul searching walkabout and examine my life's purpose, it has made our finances incredibly tight. I wanted to find a way to contribute and take some stress off of Michael, so I decided to dive wholeheartedly into couponing.

Researching couponing strategies was incredibly overwhelming. There were so many sites to choose from and getting stuff for free didn't seem like something I could easily do. Even more difficult was the lack of resources for those in the Northwest. I did manage to find two websites that I'm on every day (more about those later), but it was still overwhelming. Three weeks later and 100+ hours of researching and learning, I think I have a grasp on this thing. I still make mistakes, but my accomplishments far outweigh them.

This blog is for my friends and family. Many people have asked how I do this, and this is the best way I can think to show how (without excessive postings on facebook). If I can do this they can too. It is my hope that if people see someone they know saving a great deal of money, then maybe they will be inspired to as well.  I will post the deals I get and how I got them, as well as my own personal tips for extreme couponing in real life. 

So here goes!

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