Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dear Teddy...

Teddy is our precious dog, who we love so much! For those who don't know, we adopted Teddy from Family Dogs New Life Shelter in January. He is blind in both eyes and has been blind since he was born or from a very young age. He's totally used to it and is as happy as a clam. Teddy keeps us entertained all the time! He lightly runs into things all the time while trying to map out his way through the house. If you call him, he'll go the opposite way. He doesn't bark very often, doesn't jump, and doesn't lick. He is the most mellow little guy around! Basically, he sleeps 23 hours a day. He's happiest when he's being snuggled, which is good, because I like to hold him, lay on him like a pillow, and get all up in his face. We adopted Teddy because I was lonely at home all day. Many days I can't leave the house and needed someone to keep me company. I LOVE having Teddy around, he makes me smile all day. We are a perfect pair!

My scrapbooking process is more about the art than the memories. I'm the minority in this, and I'm okay with that. Right now I am bursting with love for our Mr. Ted (as Michael affectionately calls him), so it was only fitting to make a page about him.

I love the My Mind's Eye hexagon paper, but struggled with using it's large design on an actual page. I cut out two rows and split each row in half. It made a perfect border! After that, I piled layers to my heart's content. I am super happy with the way it looks; to me it is crazy full of stuff but still looks clean (how great is that chevron background paper?). Fun fact: I never mat my photos, but have done it in the last two layouts.

Anyways, so here are so pictures of our little Ted. I think everything he does is so cute and I can't help taking so many pictures of him! 

Okay, it might be a little excessive, but MY BLOG, MY RULES!!
And let's be honest, who doesn't want to look at pictures of Teddy?


  1. Your story is so cute, love that he loves to sleep all day!!! Great layout, that border design looks neat.

  2. What a sweet little guy! I really love the split hexagon look - totally going to lift that from you! Everything ties together so well!

  3. Are you planning on having kids? This is how I am with my boys, pictures, pictures, pictures! And I don't care what anyone thinks about it either! :)