Monday, March 18, 2013

I Did-It-terest: Easter Edition

Welcome to the first installment of I Did-It-terest, my not at all cheesy sounding series. How many of us spend more time pinning things than actually doing them? I don't know about you, but in my world the answer is me and pretty much everyone else I know. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and ideas, and it's my goal in life to actually use some of them! Each week (or so), I will choose a project (this could include a craft, recipe, handy tip, decor, or pretty much anything) from Pinterest to try myself. The results, along with my thoughts about the project, will be posted on my blog for all to see.

If you have a pin you'd like to see in action, please let me know!

First Up: Thanks to the suggestion of someone on a message board I frequent (hello Scrap N' Yap), I decided to start with something festive! Easter is coming up soon and I don't have any decorations up yet. In my defense, most of the Easter themed decorations I see out there are cutesy and more geared towards those with children. I'm all for embracing that, but I don't have children yet! After browsing Pinterest for awhile, I came across this gem, a beautiful Paper Nest from Tara Dennis!

Image Courtesy of
It looked easy enough, matched my decor, and I had all the supplies already on hand. Perfect, right? Well, for me, not so much. Given my tendency to misplace glue lids or to just forget to cap the glue, I had no liquid glue on hand. I decided to substitute Modge Podge. I usually apply Modge Podge with a paintbrush, but, since I have ruined most of mine by forgetting to rinse them out (noticing a pattern here?) I substituted with a makeup brush (speaking of which, I should probably go rinse that out now). Tara suggests wrapping the bowl you use as a form with cling wrap. I assumed that is a fancy name for saran wrap, so that's what I used. Applying the first layer was pretty easy: You place the saran wrapped bowl on top of a drinking glass and go to town. My bowl had rims on the top and the bottom, so it made a little kink in the nest. I got tired of trying to glue each individual piece down so I Modge-Podged all of the saran wrap, and it worked like a charm!

After doing the bottom layer, I let it dry over night. You're supposed to then carefully lift it and place it on the inside of the bowl so you can do the other side of the nest. This is where things went seriously wrong for me. I could NOT get the inside ones to stick! I have no idea why they were being so stubborn, but it was not working out for me. I had originally not planned on using Modge Podge visibly on the inside (it leaves a bit of a gloss), but desperate times call for desperate measures. I COATED that thing in hopes to get the inner ones to stick, but instead I just ended up with messy hands and  disgruntled paper strips. They're covered by the eggs in the picture below, but if they weren't, you would be able to see that most of the strips are hanging by a thread! Perhaps you could attribute my lack of success to my impatience, and I'm okay with that. This thing took an hour of my life and I wasn't prepared to give it any more  of my time. I cut my losses and ended up with a mediocre nest. It's a lovely project to begin with, but I won't be making more; I am too impatient! Here is my end result:

My lone Easter decoration for the year! It's not as artsy or as small as the other one (I have no idea how the second part happened), but I think it was a good try! I had fun attempting this project and definitely recommend it if you have the patience. The best part is I got to eat these little guys after taking the photo:

By far my favorite Easter candy!

What do you think of this series? What would you like to see? Please comment below or "Like" the page so I know this wasn't in vain!


  1. I love your little basket, it turned out adorable! Love to hear of your journey too.

  2. Pretty nest ! I like Pinterest and I even re-made some of my pins (yarn lanterns, love canvas, buttons tree canvas, crockpot recipes, bracelets...). Good luck with your Pin-a-thon !